Vortex Coalition Group for Legalized Loli VoPox Taskforce

The VoPox Threat

Over the past few days, a disturbing trend has arisen in the Vortex Coalition discord channel. A series of new VoPox infections have been springing up, seemingly out of nowhere, and threaten to overtake the health and vaccinated population of VoCo . This disease is not yet well understood, and as such, should be destroyed before it could potentially wreck havoc on the server.

Why the VCGLL?

To put it simply, there can be no legalized loli in VoCo if there is no Vortex Coalition. In order for the Vortex Coalition Group for Legalized Loli to achieve its goals, we need to ensure the future of VoCo is secure.

Additionally, at this time no other group is currently fighting the spread of VoPox. Actually, in fact, some groups are activly proliferating the spread of VoPox.

VoPox Containment

The VCGLLVTF should first prioritize low-visibility targets. Low-visibility targets are ideal as vaccinating them makes it less likely for those attempting to spread the disease to notice their numbers deflating from right under their noses.

Qualifications of a low-visibility target include, but are not limited to: